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Mon 11 Dec 2017 @ 16:23

RT @theosnickMy review of #forgood (among others) by @DTBarclay @russrook & sam wells is here…

Forever Wormingford


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ISBN-13: 9781786220271
Published: 30/09/2017
Product description

Long recognised as Britain's greatest living rural writer, Ronald Blythe draws together literature, poetry, spirituality and memory which all merge to create an exquisite commentary on our times that is at once celebratory and elegiac.

In this eleventh and final collection of his beloved 'Word from Wormingford', Ronald Blythe opens us our eyes to the small miracles that happen everywhere in ordinary life.

With a poet's deftness he gives us language with which to speak about the experiences that touch every life, but so often leave us speechless - life's great joys and its incomprehensible sorrows.

His writing awakens us to the colours and scents of the seasons and the weather, lets us listen to the myriad remembered conversations stored in his attic mind, evokes the smell of old books and all the memories they conjure up, and shows us how to be thankful for the inestimable blessing of simple routine.

Please note this collection includes material previously published as 'In the Artist's Garden'.

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Mon 11 Dec 2017 @ 16:23

RT @theosnickMy review of #forgood (among others) by @DTBarclay @russrook & sam wells is here…

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