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Wed 17 Apr 2019 @ 21:38

RT @CanonOakleyIn the Wilderness by Robert Graves. I love the idea of the scapegoat keeping Christ company. #APoemADay

Lost in Wonder

Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness

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ISBN-13: 9781848252851
Published: 01/10/2012
Product description

`To take time to be apart... is not a luxury, it is essential. The gift of space for myself seems so simply, and in a way it is; but it is also surprisingly difficult to do without some form of external encouragement. And that is the very simple purpose of this book.' With these words, Esther de Waal begins to show us ways into a fuller and deeper sense of attentiveness to the world around us and to the presence of God in the world. Combining monastic, Celtic and desert traditions, she offers a practical guide to finding God through the everyday circumstances of life. Seemingly small, insignificant things then become windows through which the light of Christ can shine. Many aspects of modern life can distract us: busyness, boredom, stress, lethargy, lack of direction. Yet Christ's invitation to each of us is `Come and see'. Responding to this call, Lost in Wonder clears and refreshes our inner vision, teaching us again how to use those gifts we may have come to take for granted or forgotten we had: sight, sound, silence, awareness, mystery, wonder.

Author Information

Esther De Waal

Esther de Waal enjoys a worldwide reputation as a writer, speaker and retreat leader in the areas of monastic spirituality (especially Benedictine) and Celtic spirituality. Her books have been translated into numerous languages and include the classic Seeking God which has been in print for over 25 years. She lives near Hereford.

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Wed 17 Apr 2019 @ 21:38

RT @CanonOakleyIn the Wilderness by Robert Graves. I love the idea of the scapegoat keeping Christ company. #APoemADay

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