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Wed 17 Apr 2019 @ 21:38

RT @CanonOakleyIn the Wilderness by Robert Graves. I love the idea of the scapegoat keeping Christ company. #APoemADay

Every Pilgrim's Guide to England's Holy Places


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ISBN-13: 9781853115226
Published: 01/08/2003
Product description
England's rich spiritual history is portrayed in this informative pocket travel companion, covering more than a thousand places that can be visited today. Cathedrals and abbeys, simple chapels, martyrs' memorials, pilgrim shrines and famous resting places are all featured in this book which connects us to our deepest spiritual roots, reveals the vast holy land lying beneath our feet and tells the stories of the men and women who shaped it.
Author Information

Michael Counsell

Michael Counsell is the author of "Every Pilgrim's Guide to the Journey's of the Apostles", "Every Pilgrim's Guide to Oberammergau", "2000 Years of Prayer" and "All through the Night". Recently retired from parish ministry in London, he is presently serving an Anglican church in Athens.

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Extended Information

Every Pilgrim’s Guide to England’s Holy Places – Michael Counsell

England has a wealth of Christian heritage sites. From the grandeur of Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral in London, through St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, to the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey in Kent and the many beautiful parish churches which are found throughout the land from Cumbria and North Yorkshire to Devon. Some are still in everyday use and are descended upon by thousands of tourists every year, while others are barely acknowledged by those who live alongside them.

All however, have played a part in England’s spiritual story, as a source of inspiration for pilgrims and worshippers over the centuries, and many of them are now featured in Michael Counsell’s new book ‘Every Pilgrim’s Guide to England’s Holy Places’.

Travelling in a clockwise direction around the country, Counsell takes us on a fascinating journey to hundreds of places of interest – from the ‘must see’ to the well-hidden holy sites - in every region of the land.

Filled with fascinating facts, the pocket sized travel guide reveals much about all aspects of the sites. We learn when they were built and by whom, as well as specific design features. There is also information about important people who have been connected with certain places – not just the great and the mighty, but others who have made a lasting contribution. In Winchester Cathedral for example, we are told of a statue to William Walker, a diver, who worked under water for six years from 1906 to 1912, to replace rotting timbers, which were causing cracks in the walls and parts of the ceiling to fall.

As well as charming tales, there is also practical information for visitors. From all-important opening times, local facilities and access, to transport and church service timetables.

In his introduction Counsell says he hopes that ‘readers will visit those places listed here not only as tourists but also as worshippers and pilgrims, and that they will be enriched by the experience’. I am sure that he won’t be disappointed.

Wed 17 Apr 2019 @ 21:38

RT @CanonOakleyIn the Wilderness by Robert Graves. I love the idea of the scapegoat keeping Christ company. #APoemADay

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