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Wed 17 Apr 2019 @ 21:38

RT @CanonOakleyIn the Wilderness by Robert Graves. I love the idea of the scapegoat keeping Christ company. #APoemADay

Here I Am

Reflections on the Ordained Life


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ISBN-13: 9781853117138
Published: 28/06/2006
Product description

Based on the words of the new Anglican Ordinal which are spoken at every ordination, here is a profound and lasting meditation on the essential of the priestly life. Exploring every aspect of this dedicated life, it offers timeless inspiration to all, from those contemplating their vocation to those celebrating decades in the ministry. It focuses on: serving and shepherding; proclaiming; watching; searching and guiding; declaring forgiveness; making disciples; unfolding the Scriptures; presiding and leading; supporting and defending; and discerning and fostering.

Author Information

Richard Giles

Richard Giles is best known for his pioneering work in creating worship that is truly transformative and life-changing and has written numerous bestselling books on that theme. Formerly the Dean of Philadelphia and now retired from parish ministry, he lives near Newcastle.

Product Reviews

' ... essential reading for those exploring their vocation to ordained ministry.' Stephen Ferns, Chief Selection Secretary, Ministry Division, Church House.

"This is a little book about ordination that is full of glistening little gems of insight, wisdom and humour. (...) Richard Giles would challenge us gently, nudge us and cajole us. He is a visionary trying to communicate a vision of a different kind of church life than that which many of us have known. It is a vision worth trying to catch and his is a voice worth listening to. A good book for an ordained person to mull over on retreat. Or for a lay person to mull over in order to try to understand why ordained people behave the way they do. Or for anyone considering ordination. Sprinkled with gold dust. Highly recommended." Kelvin Holdsworth

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Wed 17 Apr 2019 @ 21:38

RT @CanonOakleyIn the Wilderness by Robert Graves. I love the idea of the scapegoat keeping Christ company. #APoemADay

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