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Fri 17 May 2019 @ 12:37

Hear Barbara Brown Taylor speak at St Paul's Cathedral this coming half term and find out more about 'Holy Envy' -…

World Wide Webb

Memoirs of a Life in the Universal Church


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ISBN-13: 9781853117565
Published: 27/10/2006
Product description
In her modest, sensitive way, Pauline Webb has probably been the most influential British churchwoman in the post-war period, and certainly Methodism's most famous daughter. Challenged by early encounters with injustice in the developing world, she came to understand Christianity as a faith with the power to transform whole systems of oppression. Moreover, she believed that the ecumenical movement held the key to unlocking the 'power' of the Church, and has travelled with it throughout. Pauline Webb has set herself against writing a full-scale autobiography. But, aware that 'somebody else might get it wrong later', she has finally committed to writing these memoirs. As much as a 'history' of Pauline Webb, they are a history of the Church's efforts to cast off its Victorian straitjacket and to 'Make All Things New' in an era both of huge threat and huge opportunity.
Author Information

Pauline Webb

PAULINE WEBB began her career as an Officer of the British Methodist Church Overseas Division. She was later Vice-Moderator of the World Council of Churches (1968-1975) and Organizer of Religious Broadcasting in the BBC's World Service (1979-1987). She has been a stalwart for many years of The Daily Service and still broadcasts on Radio 2's Pause for Thought. She is the author of many books, including Evidence for the Power of Prayer (1987), Candles for Advent (1989), She Flies Beyond (1993), Worship in Every Event (1997) and Living by Grace. She has written many television and film scripts and was co-editor of the Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement.

Product Reviews

'Pauline Webb has probably been the most influential churchwoman in the post-war period and this is her account of her remarkable life. Widely regarded as a pioneer and role model, her story illustrates how women can lead in situations previously regarded as the domain of men and how the Gospel can speak powerfully and with relevance in politics and world affairs'. Womanalive, March 2007

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Fri 17 May 2019 @ 12:37

Hear Barbara Brown Taylor speak at St Paul's Cathedral this coming half term and find out more about 'Holy Envy' -…

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