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Mon 20 May 2019 @ 11:12

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New Monasticism as Fresh Expression of Church

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ISBN-13: 9781848250444
Published: 17/12/2010
Product description

The combination of Fresh Expressions and the explosion of interest in monastic spirituality is resulting in the emergence of new monastic communities inspired by historic patterns of religious life, but reframed for the contemporary world.

This worldwide movement is seen as a radical expression of ecclesial community and was named in Mission Shaped Church as one of the leading new forms of church that would help people reconnect with Christianity.

A new monastic community may be a dispersed group of families and individuals meeting to share meals and worship, it might be a group connected virtually; it might be a youth group exploring monastic spirituality.

In this book, leaders of traditional religious communities and emerging 'new monastic' communities tell their stories and reflect on how an ancient expression of being church is inspiring and shaping a very new one.

Included are many well-known contributors: Graham Cray, Tom Sine, Shane Claiborne, Ray Simpson, Abbot Stuart Burns and others exploring intentional living in the UK and the US.

Author Information

Aaron Kennedy

GRAHAM CRAY is Archbishops' Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions. IAN MOBSBY is Associate Missioner of Fresh Expressions and founder of MOOT, a worship community exploring fresh ways of being the church in the centre of London.

Graham Cray

Graham Cray was the Principal of Ridley Hall theological college in Cambridge before being appointed Bishop of Maidstone in 2001. Graham left this ministry in 2008 when he was appointed Archbishop's Missioner and Team Leader of Fresh Expressions. He chaired the working group which produced Mission-shaped Church and has contributed to several other books regarding the future of the Church including Mission-shaped Youth, The Future of the Parish System and Making Sense of Generation Y.

Ian Mobsby

Ian Mobsby is a Mission Enabler in the Anglican Diocese of Southwark and Priest in Charge of the parish of St Luke’s, Camberwell in South London. An international writer and speaker on mission and evangelism, he is also Prior to the Wellspring New Monastic Community.

Ray Simpson

Ray Simpson lives on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and facilitates church leaders who are exploring new monastic expressions of church. His web site, offers a wide range of resources on Lindisfarne and pilgrimage. He describes himself as a 'New Celtic Monastic for Tomorrow’s World' and he is the Founding Guardian of the International Community of Aidan and Hilda He offers daily prayer tweets @praycelticdaily

Product Reviews

'As an introduction to what the contemporary church can learn from our ancestors in the faith, this book is a helpful starter ... Bishop Graham Cray observes that our culture is making disciples more effectively than the Church, and shows how some monastic practices may help us catch up. Shane Claiborne's 12 marks of the New Monasticism are a very useful summary, and Tom Sine provides an insightful plea for us to help our young people reflect that they are the first generation since the war whose lifestyles will not exceed that of their parents.' 'This book is full of hope. Wonderful things are occurring. A different church is possible - one responsive to the signs of our times, compassionate, inclusive and passionate about God's Reign of Peace, Justice, Reconciliation and Wholiness. We need a book like this in a moment in which the forces of retrenchment are prevailing.' -- Frank Regan

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Mon 20 May 2019 @ 11:12

👩🏻‍🦳 Barbara Brown Taylor's 2019 UK Tour begins this week! You can see her for FREE in the following cities: ⭐ Bri…

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